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Imagine the heights your product suite could reach with Dr. Sarah, The Course Doctor, guiding your strategy. What's your next big win?

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Get ready to create the Product Suite of Your Dreams

Hi, I'm Dr. Sarah

Let’s simplify and enhance your digital offerings together.

My expertise lies in transforming your initial ideas into a cohesive, impactful product suite that resonates deeply with your audience and aligns seamlessly with your business goals.

  • 20+ Years of Expertise: Bringing a wealth of knowledge in digital product and course design, ensuring your offerings stand out.
  • Strategic Vision: Focused on creating a product suite that’s not just a collection of offerings but a cohesive journey for your clients.
  • Personalized Support: Dedicated one-to-one guidance to help you navigate the complexities of building, scaling, and refining your digital product suite.

I customize my Fractional Chief Learning Officer (fCLO) coaching to your individual needs and aspirations. Whether you're embarking on creating your first digital product, aiming to scale your product suite, seeking to optimize your time, or aspiring to craft a suite and life you adore, I’m your ally.

Together, we'll turn your vision into reality, developing a product suite that not only meets market demands but sets you apart as a leader in your field.


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Benefits of Coaching

with a Fractional Chief Learning Officer (fCLO) ...

With over two decades in digital product architecting and coaching, I've come to realize the invaluable impact of mentorship in both my personal and professional growth. It's been an absolute game-changer.

Reflecting on this journey, I've identified six key benefits that come from partnering with a fCLO Coach that's focused on the intricate workings of your entire product suite.

1 .  Shed the Guesswork

Bid farewell to the hit-or-miss strategies and embrace a crystal-clear path to success. Together, we'll pinpoint effective tactics and fine-tune your operations for peak performance.

2  Elevate with Precision Planning

Transform overwhelm into achievement with razor-sharp focus. Streamlining your team's efforts, we craft a master plan that harnesses collective strengths for unparalleled outcomes.

3  Break Through Plateaus

Unlock the next level of growth for your suite, where stagnation gives way to boundless potential. Guided by expertise, scale new heights and expand beyond limits.

4  Visionary Leadership Development

Transform task-takers into visionaries. With strategic mentorship, infuse your clients/team with clarity & purpose that drive exceptional digital experiences.

5  Optimize for Impactful Returns

Ensure every investment translates into significant rewards. Together, we'll refine your approach, turning your suite into a powerhouse of tangible results.

6  Data-Driven Excellence

Replace guesswork with strategy. Leveraging insights, each decision becomes a stepping stone to smarter, more effective strategies that propel your suite forward.

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How Does The Program Work?

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Efficient Design, Superb Results

Working with Dr. Sarah was a breath of fresh air — her direct approach and clear boundaries made the design process efficient and enjoyable. Her flexibility and focus on delivering a superb final product truly stand out.
~ Bob I.

Your fCLO Coaching Options

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The Course Doctor ~ Hire for the Day

Dive into a day dedicated entirely to you and your vision for your product suite. It's a time to focus, strategize, and take action with The Course Doctor by your side. From ideation to execution, this day is tailored to tackle your priorities, ensuring every moment is a step towards the product suite you envision. Let’s make it a day of transformation and triumph for your digital offerings!

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á La Carte Services Tailored to Your Dreams

Whether it's fine-tuning through a calibration call, conducting a detailed audit of a single digital product, or evaluating your entire product suite, our á La Carte Services are designed to fit precisely what you need.

Every dream has a unique pathway to becoming reality, and sometimes, all you need is the right support at the right moment. Reach out to discuss your aspirations, and let's craft a personalized plan to turn those dreams into tangible successes.

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Private Coaching
1:1 Consult Session

Dive into a focused session tailored to your immediate needs. Whether you're seeking clarity on a specific challenge, looking for strategic advice, or need expert insights into your product suite, a single coaching or consulting session can provide the targeted support you need. This is your opportunity to gain valuable perspectives and actionable strategies to move forward with confidence. Let's tackle your questions and propel your suite to new heights, one session at a time.

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Dr. Sarah's process is one to trust — it turned my vision into a structured, actionable plan.

Her patient guidance was a true game-changer for my business. Through each step, Dr Sarah's insights brought clarity and elevated my ideas. I'm deeply thankful for her help in shaping a strategy that truly amplifies my work.


Dr. Sarah transformed my vision into a beautifully designed, enduring art course

Sarah had invaluable ideas and a vast knowledge that she incorporated into my courses all the while keeping it true to my vision. She built my dream art courses that have continued to encompass longevity with professional presentation from year to year.

Let's Explore If We're a Match for Your Product Suite

Thinking about leveling up your product suite?

Coaching with me could be your game-changer. Whether you're already celebrating $100k+ milestones or you're seeking a balance that lets your product suite flourish without consuming every moment of your day, we might just be perfect for each other.

  • Elevate Your Suite: If your suite's already successful but you're aiming for even loftier heights.
  • Balance Is Key: Looking to scale without losing sight of life's other treasures?
  • Efficiency Wins: Dream of a suite that grows itself, giving you time back?

Feeling aligned? Let’s set up a Discovery Call to explore our potential collaboration. It's complimentary, and you’ll emerge with clearer steps forward, partnership or not. Click below to begin your journey towards a streamlined, impactful product suite.

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