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Hi, I'M Dr. Sarah

the founder, visionary and architect behind The Course Doctor,

where our concierge course care approach ensures your digital offerings are optimized for participant engagement, success, and growth.

I really had no idea where I'd end up, but I knew it had to be this way...

Embarking on the creation of your first course or transitioning to a suite of products is not just a professional quest, it's often a personal one too. I understand that.

You're not seeking the ordinary path; you're chasing a vision that's as grand as the products themselves. The journey is fraught with investment and risk, the kind that doesn't always guarantee the returns you'd hoped for.


The uncertainty can be a formidable shadow, and the thought of your hard work drifting unseen is unacceptable. This is where I step in.

With a shared vision and an understanding of the stakes, I'm here to navigate you through the nuanced waters of digital course design. Together, we'll chart a course to engagement, impact, and success, both for you and your customers.

Let's Make Your Course Unforgettable!


Embark on a transformative journey with me, Dr. Sarah J Huibregtse (pronounced hue-brex), as we redefine the essence of digital product suites. With two decades of shaping dynamic course and learning environments, my craft now lies in sculpting immersive digital course experiences for entrepreneurs that resonate deeply with participants and drive substantial growth.

Passionate about helping others

We'll apply the design strategies I honed while assisting subject matter experts and faculty at institutions, big and small, like MIT, SNHU and Concordia in creating their blended and online courses and programs. My journey has taken me from supporting innovative startups to tech leaders. Now, my focus is empowering digital entrepreneurs with an eye on course experience design, guiding them toward both financial success and profound satisfaction in their ventures.

Forget the conventional titles; my clients know me as The Course Doctor and architect behind some of the most captivating digital product suites and digital learning journeys.

Together, we will:

  • Catalyze your revenue while deeply engaging your participants,
  • Create digital courses that not only educate but truly captivate,
  • Foster a vibrant community that champions and amplifies your brand.
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A Moment Of Clarity

There was a pivotal moment when everything clicked—the true essence of purpose and the pursuit of freedom outshined the allure of external validation. This revelation reignited my passion for designing transformative learning experiences, free from traditional confines. Now, I am dedicated to empowering creators to realize and unleash their full potential.

Stepping into My Entrepreneurial Purpose

Entrepreneurship is woven into the fabric of my heritage, inspired by the innovative spirits of my grandpa, great-grandpas, and my father’s ingenuity. This rich legacy fuels my drive as a The Course Doctor, where I specialize in Performance Analysis, Customer Experience, Learning Experience, and Learning Community Design. My goal is to foster boundless creativity and innovation, reminiscent of the inventive legacy left by my family.

Previously, I cherished the learning opportunities and mentorship in my roles, but I always knew something essential was missing. Inspired by my family’s trailblazing spirit, I was compelled to forge my own path. The call to embrace my true calling was undeniable. Now, I strive to create meaningful journeys for course creators worldwide, enhancing their paths with experiential learning that harks back to my grandpa’s pioneering work in snowmobile design.

Guiding Creators Today

Today, as a The Course Doctor, I empower entrepreneurs and digital innovators to develop human-centered course experiences and communities. These creations are designed to tap into the full potential of their offerings, ensuring lasting impact. My approach is pragmatic and deeply rooted in real-world application, bringing vibrant life to digital course concepts.

Together, we transform their courses from simple content into memorable, impactful experiences. My goal is to illuminate the path for fellow entrepreneurs and innovative leaders, providing them with the strategies they need to design the course and community experiences they've always envisioned. This work fosters human connection and makes a meaningful impact.

I'm deeply passionate about...

collaborating with visionaries like you. I firmly believe that transformative learning and communit experiences not only empower and liberate creators but also enrich the lives of everyone they reach.

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"Every great change starts like falling dominoes."

~ BJ Thornton

I'm all about

dreaming big, connecting the dots, and diving deep into creative solutions over café chats and cozy lattes.

I'm not about

lingering in chaos, fixating on hurdles, or settling for the usual—there's always a fresh start waiting.


The perfect



  • You Value Performance Insight: Focused on enhancing product effectiveness with data-driven strategies, we'll turn insights into actionable results, driving success and satisfaction.
  • You Cherish Experience Architecture: If designing pathways that transform challenges into opportunities for immersive experiences appeals to you, we should team up.
  • You Aspire for Innovative Creativity: If you value a blend of creativity and strategy to transcend traditional boundaries, we’re on the same page.
  • You Prioritize Intuitive Usability: Committed to creating seamless, inclusive user experiences, ensuring deep engagement for all users, let's connect.
  • You Embrace Visionary Strategy: Looking for strategic guidance to redefine success and open new perspectives? Our collaboration could be just what you need.
Imagine Emerging Revitalized, Like the USS Mount Hood from Dry Dock . . .

with your courses not just undergoing routine maintenance, but . . .

being completely revitalized to unleash their full impact. On this journey, I’m your navigator, steering us away from the saturated red oceans of competition, towards the blue oceans of untapped potential.

Together, we'll develop a comprehensive strategy, integrating performance checks, streamlined automation, and a supportive community of creators. Our goal? To set your course on a successful trajectory, resonating deeply with your target audience.

By carefully checking your courses vitals and enhancing the overall health of your offerings, we’ll simplify processes and implement strategic improvements. Let’s move from mere restoration to a revelation, transforming your course into a beacon of innovation and success.

Let’s set sail on this transformative voyage together.

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